Postavljanje radnje

Posted on 23/04/2010

Za one koje nemaju strpljenja čitati scenarij prvog čina prvog pokušaja pisanja Proklete brane ovdje objavljujem ključne informacije preuzete iz scenarija koje postavljaju radnju u specifičan prostor i vrijeme.
Nakon prve scene telefonskog dijaloga između Tarika i Merime, uoči katastrofe, u scenariju je predviđeno da radnju prekine narator koji daje opis teških vremena u kojima naši likovi žive.


The year is 2020. Lukavac is abandoned, forgotten. Bosnia and Herzegovina is fragmented. Sarajevo has declared independence as a city – state. The government is preserved on a life support system under the finances and administration of the neighboring EU which is de-facto running the country from Sarajevo in accordance with their interests.

Banja Luka has been devoured by an earthquake whose center was in Lukavac.

The country is transversed by fast interstates, rail lines and power lines that carry the goods, the energy and the tourists over the country to the sea, protecting them from the wilderness below that has claimed back any traces of urbanity that were left in the landscape.

All the industry is dead, all the businesses have failed, all the infrastructure is ruined all that hasn’t to do with electric energy production is obsolete.

BH is producing 30% of the regions electric energy.

The administrative rulers of Sarajevo are not interested in re-structuring. The have turned away from the pleads of the forgotten population whose livelihoods have been taken. They have simply denied them access. The roads have been dug up and the bridges destroyed, there is a special tax for entering the city for non/residents, a tax that only a few can afford.

Freedom of movement is limited, the communications are weak and apathy is has set in.