Leaving New Orleans – Prvo među prvim

Posted on 22/04/2010

Ovaj post je preuzet sa mog bloga Correspondences, to je prvi rezultat prvog pokušaja rada sa temom brane u Lukavcu i likovima Tarika i Merime.

Kompletan scenarij se može preuzeti na ovom linku: Damned Dam Script

After four months in New Orleans all I have to show for it is this one minute video made for the City One Minutes project.

The video is shot in New Orleans Lower Garden District, on the corner of Camp and Thalia streets, on what is left of an old movie theater that burned down some years ago. The lot has been for sale for some time. The debris of the building has long been cleaned up and the only indicator of that it was once a theater are the masonry steps of the former entrance that now resemble a mini stage with an auditorium on the street corner. The empty lot being a common sight of the New Orleans urban landscape. The storyline also relates to New Orleans – as it tells of a place that is under constant threat of a flood while  the video gives a portrait of a quiet street corner in the utilized as a stage for a performative act – reminding of the site’s former function. Even though it was hard to jam the whole narrative into the short one minute format, I hope that one senses the storyline that tells of urgency in the face of a pending catastrophe.

Camera and Editing: Lala Rascic
Performers: Generic Art Solutions (Matt Vis, Tony Campbell)
Thank you: Daryn De Luco

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The Damned Dam – a draft for a draft for a video/performance script by Lala Raščić is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
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